Our Staff

Business Administrator in El Salvador

Walter A. Chávez Velasco

Graduated as Business Administrator from the Salvadoran University (1992). His work experience includes having been General Manager and founder of Chávez and Asociados, a firm dedicated to providing consulting services in international trade, emphasizing on financial advise. He has organized and participated in many commercial missions locally and internationally. He is the Executive Director and founding Partner of Gold Service. He has ample experience and knowledge in the creation, supervision and control of companies and work groups, specially working on projects with a vast variety of professionals in different areas. He has experience in the founding and administration of offshore partnerships and trusts.

He is an editorialist for the Economy and Businesses section of the local newspaper, El Diario de Hoy, and a Directive Member of several Professional associations and Managerial Chambers, and member of the American Management Association (AMA).